The Dynamic New Way To Travel With Social Nature Movement

Social Nature Movement

There have been many prevailing theories and schools of thought when it comes to the ‘right’ way to travel – but we are here to say that Social Nature Movement shows us the ‘only’ way to travel. The holistic approach to exploration is nothing new, but there have been a number of different companies in the past that have attempted the same underlying principle to varying levels of success.

Social Nature Movement have made a name for themselves as the leading providers of natural adventures and experiences that are breaking the mold with how people look at nature, themselves, and the interconnection therein. They offer nature-driven adventures and experiences that are off the beaten path and inspire participants to consider the world around them in an entirely new light.

Their holistic approach is one of immersion, of ensconcing people in the natural moment and to hopefully discover a new way of living. Social Nature Movement is more than a travel company, they are really practicing what they preach – they’re staffed by passionate and driven explorers who endeavour to always find the scenic route to a moment of clarity.

Social Nature Movement offers experiences for all ages and all fitness levels. People could find themselves in a glamping tent accommodation in Auckland one moment, and cave diving in the heart of the forest in the next. For the team at Social Nature Movement, the underlying focus is not so much the destination, but the meaningful and unique way to interact with nature that you discover along the way.

Their mission is to bring people out of their concrete habitats and experience the true calling of the wild – it really is the dynamic new way to travel.