Should NZ Authors Choose MindStir Media for Self Publishing? [Full Review]

MindStir Media

MindStir Media is a global self publishing company that is known for its expertise in developing influential and engaging books across a range of genres. In New Zealand, authors are in need of a comprehensive service that allows them to maintain control over the book that they have worked so hard on while also having the peace of mind that it is marketed and distributed in the best possible way. MindStir Media provides a hybrid service that guarantees top quality editing, printing, distribution, and more while also allowing authors to retain their sense of ownership and control over their work.

MindStir Media was founded by best selling author of several books J.J. Hebert. This renowned author has dedicated himself to sharing his in-depth knowledge of the industry with other budding authors from around the world. His extensive research of the New Zealand market and knowledge of the kind of marketing that is required to succeed are the key reasons that MindStir Media have produced some of the best known authors in New Zealand.

When choosing MindStir Media, you can select from a range of packages. Packages include services such as custom book design, mentorship, ghostwriting, editing, printing, distribution, marketing and PR. All of this and more is available to NZ authors, depending on their budget and on their specific goals for their book. No matter which package you choose, you can have the confidence that your book will be marketed as best as possible to New Zealand audiences. MindStir Media secure press releases on major news websites, social media, and more to ensure that your work gains the visibility that it deserves.

Major New Zealand retailers will also sell your book with MindStir Media. They are the experts in partnering with notable bodies in your country and around the world to place your book in stores where it will be successfully sold. This exposure is incredibly valuable and is part of the reason why MindStir Media authors often end up on best seller lists. The guidance that the company gives is essential to your success and is the foundation upon which world famous authors are built.

New Zealand authors who are considering MindStir Media for their self publishing services should know that the company allows them to have creative freedom and also allows them to retain up to 100% of the royalties made from the book. They are a company that can be trusted to foster your growth and work for your success.