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5 Best Property Inspectors in Palmerston North🥇

When you are planning to invest in any kind of property, whether it’s residential or commercial, you need to think carefully before signing any deals.

While you might have walked around/inside the property yourself to look for obvious issues, but you likely don’t have the expertise or experience to find hidden problems that could become obvious later on and be very costly to repair or prevent a safety hazard.

For you to be able to make a purchase decision with peace of mind, it’s a good idea to use a pre-purchase property inspection service. This means getting a professional to take a thorough look at the property you are considering purchasing and giving you a comprehensive report on any issues they discover + recommendations on how to solve them.

This professional insight is well-worth the upfront cost since it can save you thousands down the road. This service gives you to complete picture on the viability of the property so you can make an informed choice about whether or not to put money into it.

If you are shopping for property in Palmerston North, it would be sensible for you to engage the services of one of the following 5 best property inspectors in the region.

The top 5 property inspectors in Palmerston North are:

  1. Comprehensive Property Reports (CPRNZ)
  2. Jim’s Building Inspections
  3. Town & Country House Inspections
  4. NZ Building Reports
  5. Realsure

1. Comprehensive Property Reports (CPRNZ)

Comprehensive Property Reports Palmerston North

Website: www.cprnz.com

Run by experienced builder and engineer Travis Mackay, Comprehensive Property Reports (CPRNZ) is a highly reputable property inspection service that helps people buying a property in Palmerston North. Travis has completed over 5500 inspections and leverages his more than 25 years’ experience in working in demolitions, renovations, and building.

With his professional expertise from industry experience, Travis is able to provide a unique insight into the condition of a property and identify issues that others can’t. Using advanced Spectora software for his inspections, Travis and the CPRNZ team give their customers complete and total coverage of the property so that nothing is left to guesswork.

CPRNZ property inspection reports are also unique in that they highlight positive aspects of the property, as well as the negative ones. This gives customers a full picture of the investment they are considering, allowing them to weigh up the risks and benefits in their own time, with their own best judgement. The reports providers by CPRNZ are incredibly valuable in informing the purchase decisions of their customers.

Customers with CPRNZ can expect their report emailed to them within 24 hours after the inspection takes place. The reports are designed to be easy for anyone to read and comprehend, with high-quality images and no complex jargon. The reports also include a mechanism for real estate agents to easily copy/past technical specifications for repairs that are needed so they can solve any problems easily.

2. Jim’s Building Inspections

Building Inspections Palmerston North

Website: www.jimsbuildinginspections.co.nz

The Jim’s franchise unsurprisingly has a presence in building inspections, and they are a solid choice for anyone who wants to get a detailed report on the viability of a property before they invest in it. All Jim’s inspectors are carefully vetted and have professional indemnity insurance.

The inspection reports that are provided give prospective buyers a complete picture of the viability of the property. This means the ability to move forward with full confidence in the reliability and totality of the report, leaving no stone unturned in the assessment of the property.

The Jim’s vetting process means you’ll be connected with an experienced and reputable property inspector that is beholden to a strict standard of professionalism. Using the latest technology, reports are given to customers within a 34 hour period following the inspection.

3. Town & Country House Inspections

Country House Inspections

Website: www.townandcountryinspections.co.nz

Town & Country House Inspections provides professional property inspections for homes in Palmerston North. Inspector Chris has been building and designing homes for more than 40 years and uses his experience to provide expert property reports for his customers. Having built many homes from the foundations, Chris knows his stuff when it comes to assessing the quality of every last part of the house.

Chris treats the investments his customers are considering as his own, and never compromises on the comprehensiveness of his reports. He not only reports on issues discovered; he provides the best options for moving forward.

Town & Country House Inspection reports are delivered on the same day the inspection takes place. This gives customers peace of mind knowing they will get the answers they seek without delay.

4. NZ Building Reports

NZ Building Reports serves the Palmerston North

Website: https://nzbuildingreports.co.nz

NZ Building Reports serves the Palmerston North region with detailed, 34 page written reports by certified professionals, at competitive prices. The business is focused on giving its customers invaluable peace of mind before they make on the biggest investments.

NZ Building Report inspectors are fully certified and provide a competitively priced service, with no hidden fees or travel costs. Reports are delivered to customers via email within 24 hours. Customers can be confident in hiring this service as each inspector carries their certification with them, being suitability qualified for the task at hand.

5. Realsure

Palmerston North Property Inspectors

Website: www.realsure.co.nz

Realsure is a provider of industry assessed, professional property reports in Palmerston North. The Realsure team specialise in providing accredited property inspections and are an ISO 9001 registered inspection group. Since being founded back in 2000, Realsure has been responsible for helping deliver more than 20,000 inspections. This has meant thousands have been able to make informed decisions about buying a property thanks to the services of Realsure.

Realsure provides prompt, accurate, and trustworthy property reports that give their customers reassurance regarding the investment they are considering making. Realsure is proud to help people make the most informed decision and negotiate better terms thanks to the insight they provide.


There’s a lot to think about and consider when you go to purchase a new property, and you don’t want to have to think long and hard about which property inspector your engage. The list above are the best in Palmerston North, and each has unique benefits to working with them that make them worthwhile.

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