Organising Wedding Photography And Videography

Organising Wedding Photography And Videography

The photos and videos of your big day are very important, they day goes by so fast you’ll almost definitely want those keepsakes to remember it. Everything will pass by in such a blur that you’ll definitely appreciate the records of all the laughs, tears and toasts on the day, but how do you find the right person for the job? Here’s our tips on finding a professional to capture beautiful wedding photography and videography and a few things you need to know.

Do we have to hire someone for wedding photography and videography?

Whilst every wedding is different, most married couples would agree that one of the most important investments you can make is on a great professional to take care of wedding photography and videography. Your big day might take months of planning but it will pass by in a flash, you’ll definitely want photos of the day available to look back on in the years to come. The thing about photos though is that they only capture a moment in time, they won’t capture all the toasts, laughter and tears in the same way video can, which is why you might want to consider both wedding photography and videography. Videos will capture a lot of the elements of the day that you likely put a lot of thought into like your vows, the music and other moments from the day. If you can afford both vendors, then it’s a good investment to make. You could save money by hiring someone who offers both wedding photography and videography services packages together.

How do I find someone good?

Finding someone skilled at wedding photography and videography can be quite an undertaking, how do you find someone you can trust with your big day? Married friends and family can be a good resource for finding great vendors. There’s nothing like word of mouth for finding people you can trust. This is a reliable way to know if a vendor is worth contacting, if a family member or friend gives someone you are considering a glowing recommendation then add them to the top of your list. If they get a thumbs down then it’s probably a good idea to move one. If you can’t find any vendors through persona recommendations then you should consider online avenues, there are a lot of blogs out there and review online for vendors. This can be a great way to see what kind of experience other couples have had with wedding photography and videography services. Online searches can also be great way to find the portfolios of potential vendors so you can check out what the quality of their work is like. If you’ve already hired other vendors then check out who they’d recommend, it’s a small industry so often they would have worked with and interacted with a number of other vendors, chat with them to see if they sing anyone’s praises.

What do I ask?

Wondering what you should ask potential vendors? We’d suggest setting up an interview to get to know them. Great things to ask include figuring out what their style is, ask them what kinds of shots they like to take, do they love candid photos and video or do they like to keep things more formal? What do they typically like to focus on? Do they like to get plenty of shots of the emotion of the day or do they love to capture the details? You should also ask them about their fees so that you can decide if they fit your budget.