5 Best Hot Water Cylinders in Auckland🥇


New Zealand can get extremely cold in winter, and if you live there, you want to know you have a reliable hot water system installed in your home. There are few things more torturous than trying to take a cold shower on a winter morning!

However, finding the best hot water provider can be difficult, especially if you live in a major city like Auckland, where there will be a lot of different businesses vying for your attention. To help make things easier for you, below is a list of the 5 best hot water cylinder providers in Auckland.

Top hot water cylinders in Auckland:

Here is a list of the best hot water cylinder providers:

  1. The Cylinder Guy – high quality hot water cylinders at affordable prices
  2. Hot Water Cylinders NZ – prices with unmatched services
  3. Water Heater Brokers – water heating solutions for commercial & residential
  4. Plumbquick –  satisfaction guaranteed service
  5. Cylinder Pro – work is done by PGD Board certified & licensed plumbers

1. The Cylinder Guy

The Cylinder Guy

Website: www.cylinderguy.co.nz

The Cylinder Guy is New Zealand’s leading specialist when it comes to supplying a broad range of high-quality hot water systems. The business was set up to be uniquely focused on making the process of purchasing or replacing a hot water system as quick and easy as possible.

The Cylinder Guy can also assist with upgrades from low to mains pressure as well as upgrades to eco-friendly energy-saving systems like hot water heat pumps. Most of the hot water tanks supplied and installed by The Cylinder Guy are ‘solar-ready’, enabling easy connection to solar PV systems.

The Cylinder Guy also specialises in supplying outdoor, wetback, and gas hot water systems to suit any home setup. The business sources products from leading manufacturers, including Rheem, Rinnai, and GreenGlo.

Customers can expect transparent, fixed price quotes for all services. The Cylinder Guy also provides free advice to its customers about what hot water system is best suited to their needs.

2. Hot Water Cylinders NZ

Hot Water Cylinders NZ

Website: www.hotwatercylinders.nz

Hot Water Cylinders NZ are a supplier of hot water systems with locations all around New Zealand, including Auckland. They carry an extensive range of how water systems to suit different configurations of home and the diverse needs of the families within.

The business carries products covering mains pressure, low pressure, gas heating, solar heating, boilers, and more. They advocate many of the energy and cost-saving benefits of switching to gas or solar cylinders, as well as upgrading from low pressure to mains pressure.

Hot Water Cylinders NZ is partnered with a long list of manufacturers for their hot water systems. The business also supplies a range of valves and other miscellaneous accessories.

3. Water Heater Brokers

Water Heater Brokers

Website: www.waterheater.co.nz

Water Heater Brokers are specialists in central heating and water heating products for both domestic and commercial premises. They also offer expert advice and installation services to their customers.

The business can supply eco-friendly gas and solar hot water systems, as well as eco-friendly pool heating systems. They also offer an after-sales service that helps customers confidently deal with warranty, installation, maintenance, and continued technical services.

Their main focus is the delivery of products that are built to and meet the latest EU standards of efficiency and quality assurance.

4. Plumbquick


Website: www.plumbquick.co.nz

Plumbquick is an Auckland based plumbing service that also offers delivery and installation of new hot water systems. The business helps its customers to make an informed decision, examining the full range of hot water installations available to them from a plumber’s perspective.

Plumbquick’s professional plumbing specialists ensure a thorough and safe installation of the hot water system that is selected. They also specialise in providing continuous flow hot water systems that allow customers to save money and enjoy more convenient utility.

Because Plumbquick are primarily plumbers, it means customers can get an installation that takes into account their entire plumbing situation. It also means that any issues can be repaired quickly by the same company that installed the system.

Plumbquick also offers regular maintenance plans for its customers so they can ensure they can get the maximum lifespan out of their hot water system.

5. Cylinder Pro

Cylinder Pro

Website: www.cylinderpro.co.nz

Cylinder Pro are a company in Auckland offering a range of hot water systems. This includes providing installation services at competitive prices. The business works alongside registered electricians to ensure that customers get the right cylinder to fit their specific situation.

The company deals with low and mains pressure, gas hot water, and heat pump hot water systems. They have a team of registered plumbers and gas fitters who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hopefully the above list will help you in making a choice about which provider of hot water systems in Auckland you want to go with.