Xcel-Arc – the journey of awards and honors


It is well said that nothing will help us until and unless the initiative is taken from our side. Our dedication and determination unlock the doors of imagination of success, allows a clear vision of the path, and gives us the right stuff to turn our dream into reality.

The above saying fits the dedication and commitment that has been shown by every worker of Esseti NZ Ltd.

Established more than 25 years ago, the Kiwi-owned New Zealand-based company has reached new heights of success and has successfully maintained its position in the market for the last few years. The company believes in grabbing every opportunity it gets in its way of success.

Xcel-Arc, the main brand of Esseti NZ Limited, specializes in welding equipment and accessories, including welding helmets, gloves, jackets, and all other consumables. Providing its customers highest quality products and services, offering more features and innovations when compared to similar products that are supplied by the competitors are the company’s main objectives.

Awards and honors

Xcel-Arc, the welding supplier, has gained much reputation in the New Zealand welding industry due to their commitment to product development and utilizing the latest technology and services to satisfy their customers. The efforts of the company have been recognized by many groups, service providers, and countries.

Focusing on the achievements, the company has won many awards and honors in the last few years. This year Esseti NZ has won the Supplier of the Year 2020 for Marketing and Promotion and was counted as finalists in a few other categories at the TradeZone annual award event.

Esseti NZ won the Supreme Supplier of the year 2019, at Trade zone annual awards, and astonishingly took out almost all the supplier awards in the ceremony, and was counted as finalists in many other awards. These include Supplier of the Year for marketing and promotion, Supplier of the year for logistics and operations, Supplier of the year for sales, Supplier of the year for customer service.

This is not the first time that the company has gained recognition, as it has continued to maintain its position in the market by achieving almost all the same Trade zone awards back in 2018.

Esseti NZ has maintained a few awards under their name every year since 2015, the year which gave the company its fame as the Supplier of the year for the best sales representation, Then supreme supplier of the year. It didn’t stop there as Xcel-Arc achieved Supplier of the Year for Logistics and Operations in 2016, following the award of Supplier of the Year for Marketing and Promotions, Supplier of the Year for Logistics and Operations, and again Supreme Supplier of the Year in 2017.

Xcel-Arc is now one of the leading manufacturers of welding products in New Zealand. Due to their quick delivery services, appropriate and friendly customer care services, and highly committed agents, the company is leading in many ways as compared to many other similar companies in the market.